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BORN Rochester , NY I GREW UP IN New Jersey, Germany, Italy, Boston, L.A. CURRENT RESIDENCE Nashville/L.A. DIRECTORS WHO INSPIRE ME Tony Scott, Steven Soderbergh, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Danny Boyle MOVIES I WILL ALWAYS LOVE Star Wars, Delicatessen, All The President's Men, Die Hard, Smokey and the Bandit, Rock & Rule, The Last Boyscout... MUST SEE TV 2018 Better Call Saul, Last Man On Earth, Blackish, Ozark, Ash vs Evil Dead, Mindhunter, Big Mouth...too many great things and not enough time. HISTORY I grew up with a camera in my hand but the call to make Rock and Roll lovingly lulled me away. Rocking out in leather pants on the Sunset Strip in L.A. but still wanting a foot in that world, my day gig was learning the ropes in front of the camera as an Extra and a day player in hundreds of TV shows and dozens of movies. I ultimately felt the call back to my first love and moved behind the camera starting as a PA and worked my way up through Art Department, Casting, PC, PM, 2nd AD, AD, Producer and then Director. I shot my first short, "Rocco & Vinnie", took it to Fests and haven't looked back. My first feature was picked up by NETFLIX in 2008. That film and my second feature were both distributed by Gravitas Ventures. (and they both made their money back) HIRED BY AND CREATED CONTENT FOR: SONY, CMT, A&E, Go90, USA, VIZIO, OAKLEY, WALL STREET JOURNAL, NUTRISYSTEM

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