"As a writer/director who also edits, I know the blood, sweat and tears 
it takes to birth a movie, short or spot. So I've always got the 
filmmaker/creators in mind as I cut any project, helping me deliver the most exciting and effective edits possible, quickly and on schedule."

"asleep in my palm"  drama feature 2024

"Clone Cops"  Sci-Fi Comedy Feature 2024

"elemental: reimagine wildfire" feature doc Trailer 2023

"Cabin GIRL"  horror teaser 2024

AWAITING RELEASE 2024   "Who is stan smith?"  DOC feature

AWAITING RELEASE  "greedy People" crime comedy feature starring joseph gordon levitt

"in The Dark"   horror feature trailer


"burn x" feature doc trailer  2023

"pencils v.s. pixels" doc feature 2023

"Finding her beat"  doc feature 2024

"united States of insanity"   feature doc trailer 2023

"buttwhistle"   comedy feature trailer 2023

"Final"   thriller Short FIlm  9 min.  (director/writer/editor) 2020

"The Keeper"   short film trailer

"To Be Loved"  short film trailer

"Into The Unknown"  Feature doc trailer

wall street journal  "Mobile App" SPOT

"vikes"   comedy feature trailer 2023

Vizio "Tablet" SPOT

"Yo Cip" Music doc sizzle

"Southern Drift" Reality TV SERIES Sizzle

"Icons OF Soul"  Music Doc Series Sizzle

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